As a Red Sox fan I’m happy to hear Boston is backing off trading for Cole Hamels. I want no part of him. Why should Boston give up at least 2 of their best prospects for an over 30 pitcher who has a less than stellar record when he’s faced American League teams?

Pagano got schooled last night. Undrafted, practice squad player Jonas Gray had 100 yards and 2 td’s before Indy knew what hit them.

I think it’s time for the Democrats to elect new leadership. Reid and Pelosi need to step aside and let younger blood lead the party.

I belong to the largest religious group in this country, EX Catholic. But I have to say I love Pope Francis. I know he wants me back.

Ryan Newman is a class act.

As far as I’m concerned Bill Cosby’s reaction to recent questions over rape accusations sends out a lot of bad vibes.

Mike Evans is the real deal. Finally the Bucs have an offensive player to build around.

The Republicans aren’t even in total control of Congress yet and all I’m hearing from them is appealing the ACA which will take healthcare away from close to 10 million people, impeaching Obama, shutting down the government and running a pipeline full of black slop through the heartland of our country.

With almost a quarter of the NHL season done it doesn’t look good for the Bruins. They are getting their butt kicked by the best teams and struggling to win against the bad ones. It also appears this bunch of Canadiens have the Bruins and Rasks number.

With almost a quarter of the NHL season done it appears the Lightning are for real. Bishop is playing just as well as he did last year, Stamkos is still Stamkos but the real difference has been the third and fourth lines that are filled with youngsters from Syracuse’s AHL championship team. They are a threat to score every shift. The addition of defenseman Anton Stralman, +13, has shored up what has been the teams weakest area. Cup contenders.


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  1. I think Harry Reid needs replacing as the Dem leader in the US Senate. Too much a muff buffin for me. He needs to grow a spine. Seeing as how the Dems in the Senate don’t appear to have any balls either when it comes to eyeballing the Fascist-oriented GOPers maybe they are comfy with this little wimp. The problem is further complicated by the fact that there is no one to replace him..oh, wait…. Elizabeth Warren or Bernie the Indy would be my choice to put some balls back in the game. What was I thinking!

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