I used to be a huge NASCAR fan but my interest has waned over the last few years. I never liked the Chase but I have to say this year they got me back.  I do have to say NASCAR should tweak the system as it is not right for a driver to be able to win the championship without winning a race all year.

Every time I hear humming coming from a certain quarterback’s mouth in a Nationwide Insurance commercial I hit the mute button as fast as I can.

Overrated: Cracker Barrel

Underrated: Stevie Ray Vaughn

I’m glad Heyward got traed to St Louis. There were rumors he was coming to Boston and I didn’t want to see that.

Don’t think for one second that much of anything will change if Hilary is elected President. Corporate America will still have it’s stranglehold on our country.

Speaking of that trade I’m shocked the Cards let go of Miller.

How are the Marlins going to pay Stanton $25 mill a year? They draw less than the Rays and have a lousy TV contract.

Derrick Rose is soft.

As far as I’m concerned Horse of the Year is still up for grabs.

As the NHL gets ready to induct 6 new members to their Hall of Fame I’m wondering why Eric Lindross is still on the outside looking in.


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