Brandon McCarthy signs with the Dodgers for 4 years, $48 million. Obviously he wanted to get away from a team that’s going nowhere next season.

Contrary to what I’m hearing from Red Sox fans I love what they’ve done so far. Ramirez is one of the most exciting offensive players in the game and Sandoval fills a huge need. Porcello is coming off a career best year and at 26 still has a big upside.  He’s a ground ball pitcher and should fit Fenway well.  It was obvious Cespedes didn’t want to sign with Boston so getting a solid starter, who is arbitration eligible, not in his walk year in return is a good deal. Signing Masterson to a 1 year deal at $9 million is a low cost, low risk move that gives the team depth. I see his role as a #5 or a spot starter and long reliever.

Boegarts, Betts, Swihart, and Owens are the Sox top prospects. The Red Sox have built one of the most talented farm systems in the league and I don’t want them to blow it all up trading for someone like Hamels. Cole is a shade past his peak and hasn’t done well when pitching against the American League. I think the reason a deal hasn’t been reached is because the Phillies are insisting on two of the four I mentioned. Cherington will be wise to show patience and resist the temptation. If he does it tells me he’s pointing for 2016 and hoping for the playoffs next year. Not a bad plan in my opinion. Just about all the kids will be ready by then.

At $200 million Scott Boras has priced Scherzer in a zone only the Yankees could love.  I see him going to the Bronx for somewhere around $180 which is still far too much.  The Yankees can’t sit still with Miller and Dee Dee. The Yankees are looking good with Betances and Miller in the set up/closers role but where else do they excel? Girardi has to work his magic once again or the Yankees will be fighting the Rays for last place in the AL East.  Rumor has it it’s not if but when Tanaka will need Tommy John surgery.  CC is done, Nova is always hurt and Kuroda and McCarthy are gone. Cashman can spend a million dollars and still not be able to fix this mess.


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