When Bill Belicheck was coaching the Cleveland Browns a young ball boy impressed him as a hard worker. Bill gave him a job with his coaching staff. That ball boy was Eric Mangini. He spent 9 years with Bill until in 2005 he was offered the head coaching job with the Jets. On the plane ride home from the Patriots last game he was openly recruiting Patriot players to play for him in New York. During the 2006 season the NFL had become aware of teams videotaping opponents practices. As the Jets were preparing to play the Pats Mangini informed the NFL that the Pats were still doing it. As they would say on the street, he ratted Bill out. That was the beginning of Spygate. One coach, Mangini broke the code. There are hundreds of assistant coaches, team managers, etc that could have done what Mangini did but they didn’t. That’s why the Patriots are at the top of the list when people talk about cheating. Does anybody think the Patriots were the only team to continue spying? No, they were the only team to get told on by a Benedict Arnold who turned in the coach who was responsible for his NFL career. Mangini is scum.

Deflategate is the biggest non story of the season. The Ravens, still smarting from their loss to the Patriots informed the Colts that the Pats footballs were soft. But the referees checked them before the game and they were fine. Has anybody shown any proof that anyone connected to the Patriots took some air out of the balls once they got them back? There are cameras everywhere. There were literally thousands of cameras at Gillette during the game. Surely one person would have a shot of the Patriot bench showing some tampering. Well, not so far. It might just be the balls were inflated at the lowest level and lost air from there which made them under. For the record Brady had a better stats in the second half, after the balls were fixed, that he did in the first half. The Pats outscored the Colts 28-0 in the second half. A little bit of air in the ball makes no difference.

Jimmy Johnson won 5 consecutive NASCAR championships. During that time his crew chief, Chad Knaus was caught 4 times violating NASCAR rules. He was fined and in one case, suspended for 6 races. How many times have you heard people take any credit away from them? ZERO. If anyone thinks all teams, no matter what the sport don’t straddle the rules line and sometimes go over it you’re being totally naive.

The Patriots aren’t any worse than any other team. Belicheck’s biggest mistake was hiring a rat to his coaching staff.



  1. Personally, I don’t think it is a big deal as some do. What the heck. Receivers get to wear a glove for better grip. I believe the cleats are in that choice category, too, for better traction for any that need it. So why should the ball be any different? Each help the player, why is the ball an issue of another sort? I think its bullshit. As for the Spygate, who cars, they all do it. The media is gonna kill the sport. Then where will they feed?

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