Uberring Saint Petersburg

I picked up an older Spanish man this morning on 4th St. He said we had to pick up a lady friend who lived nearby and then we would be going to the airport.

Marion, in her mid 80’s at least, was waiting for us when we arrived. After we loaded everything in the car and started our trip she mentioned a ministry she worked for. I asked her who she was affiliated with. She replied, Jehovah’s Witnesses. I didn’t blink an eye. I haven’t been kind in my words and thoughts about their religion since a friend of mine who belonged to the religion declined an invitation from me to come over and have a cookout. I wanted our kids to play together but he couldn’t let his children associate with others outside their religion. I considered it a cult. Once about 35 years ago I saw them coming up the driveway one Saturday morning around 10. I raced to the fridge and pulled out a beer. Yes, I was that guy.

I related a recent home visit from members of her church. A young girl, about 13 or 14 came to the door with the leaflets and a prepared speech. There were 4 or 5 adults standing back, all smiling as she made her presentation. She was obviously very nervous and I let her finish and thanked her very much. She was adorable. Marion said the purpose of the home visits is hopefully to get people to read THEIR Bible. If people would read THEIR Bible and live by it imagine how wonderful the world would be. Wow. Count one old Irish brain blown to smithereens. I wanted to give Marion a hug.

Mario and Marion were on different flights and different air sides. Mario’s flight was earlier but he asked me to drop Marion off first so he could attend to her luggage and make sure she got proper attention. I told him not to worry I’d take care of it. I let Mario off at Delta and took Marion to Southwest. A skycap came over and got her a wheelchair. As he started to wheel her away I stopped him and said to Marion, “The reason I love driving for Uber is because I meet wonderful people like you almost every day.

I learned a lot today and I’m a better person for it.